DHP After School


Atlanta ContactPoint will offer a wide variety of afternoon classes in the Dragon Goal and classrooms for students of Druid Hills Preschool.

New Classes will run from March 1st-May 23rd

Multi-Sports, Tennis, Music, Mixed Media, Nature/Science

Ages…Sports, Music, Nature: Potty-trained 3-6 yr olds

Tennis, Mixed Media 4-6 yr olds

Drop-Ins OK if class is not full

Monday: Sports 1:30-2:30; $165 for 11 classes (FULL)

Monday: Music 1:30-3:00; $220 for 11 classes (FULL)

Tuesday: Tennis  1:30-2:30; $240 for 12 classes (FULL)

Wednesday: Sports  1:30-2:30; $120 for 8 classes (FULL)

Wednesday: Mixed Media 1:30-3:00; $200 for 10 classes (2 spots)

Thursday: Nature/Science 1:30-3:00; $220 for 11 classes (4 spots)

Thursday: Tennis 1:30-2:30; $220 for 11 classes (FULL)

Friday: Sports 1:30-2:30; $150 for 10 classes (FULL)

Pay monthly or all at once.

$15/class for sports, $20/class for tennis until 2:30

$20/class for Music, Nature, and Mixed Media classes until 3:00

Our staff will sign kids out and you will pick up after classes.

Music:  Imagination through Music!  In our time together, we will be exploring music through the use of simple songs, movement, games and story telling.

Main Teacher: Ms. Vivian Slade; learn more about Vivian here

Vivan has also produced a children’s illustraded bookThe Dragon King, To learn more about The Dragon KingThe Dragon King character building curriculum, or how you can donate The Dragon King to your local school, children’s hospital, or school for the blind, please visit: http://www.thedragonking.com 

Mixed Media: Explore the world of science through Art with Pre-K teacher Ms. Gail “Join us for fun, easy, science-based art activities!”

Nature/Science: Explore the outside world thought the eyes of a scientist.  Our expert animal and plant atilier, Ms. Lane will lead the class with Ms. Laura.

This is NOT a licensed DAYCARE; The ContactPoint is an Exempted program for sports, fitness, and art; we are fully insured.

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Scholarships Available

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