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Special Sports Birthday Party at IPS

Looking for a fun, active birthday party?  A PLAY DAY sports birthday party allows your child and friends to PLAY a variety of sports and activities like soccer, basketball, dodgeball, kickball, wiffleball, obstacle course, and more.

Our popular PLAY DAY coaches provide the equipment and know-how to create a fun, unique experience.  We have been providing sports birthday parties for years and have dozens of references from families around Atlanta.

Party Package 1.  2 hour party with 90 minutes of PLAY and 30 minutes for food/drink celebration.  Pick up to 3 sports.  Cost $300 ($75 refundable cleaning deposit)

Party Package 2.  90 minute party with 60 minutes of PLAY and 30 minutes of food/drink celebration.  Pick up to 3 sports.  Cost $250 ($75 refundable cleaning deposit)

Party Package 3.  90 minute party with 90 minutes of PLAY.  No Food/Drink Cost $250

Birthday Party takes place at IPS, 500 Amsterdam Ave., 30306

Available time slots 11:30–1:30, 2:00–4:00, 4:30–6:30 on Saturday and Sundays

For more info, please email or call 404–423-3090

My son and his bud­dies said it was the best birth­day party they have ever been to” — Andrew Smith

Atlanta ContactPoint provides a fun, active, in-town option for your child’s sports birthday party. The coaches are awesome, and access to the gym means you don’t have to worry about the weather. It’s a great deal for kids of all ages!” – Connette Blake

David – It was such a great party.  Thanks so much for making it easy, turn-key and totally fun. Everyone had a blast.” Kim Gnatt

Just want­ed to say thank you so much for Sat­ur­day!  Every­one had such a great time and all the coach­es were amaz­ing. I appre­ci­at­ed the flex­i­bil­i­ty to make sure the tim­ing of Freddie’s the Falcon’s entrance worked and it real­ly end­ed up per­fect­ly. Thank you!!” — Lori Mur­phy

We had a blast at my son’s birth­day yes­ter­day at Atlanta Con­tact Point. Coach­es Cae­sar and Ian were won­der­ful with the kids instruct­ing them clear­ly and mon­i­tor­ing though dif­fer­ent sports games. Thank you so much!” Kate Elkins

The kids all had a blast! Ceasar and Cole kept most of them run­ning the entire time! Except for when they all actu­al­ly sat still to eat lunch, which we all agreed nev­er hap­pens at home.
As Davis was eat­ing his cake he looked around and said “this is the best birth­day ever!!!”
Thank you so much!  You’ve got a great pro­gram and a won­der­ful team!
Heather Stew­art



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