Gaga Party

Wanna Play Gaga?  A great sport/activity like dodgeball but different.  We have a specialized “pit” to Play the game.  Add Gaga to your sports birthday party!

Here is a link from a news story about the game, CLICK here

Other main sports/activities include the beautiful game of soccer and the not so beautiful dodgeball.  Other fun games on our indoor turf field are kickball, flag football, and obstacle course.

  • $350 for 2 hour par­ty; coach­es; equip­ment, sound sys­tem, lounge and game room.  
  • $300 90 min­utes, no food

Healthy Food/drink option: Local farmers prepare and serve real, raw food the kids will LOVE.  They will see how easy and yummy real food is, and learn to appreciate the benefits of fruits and veggies! Cost is $10/person

PLAY DAY SPORTS BIRTHDAY PARTY allows child to pick 2–3 sports/activities. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

SOCCER PARTY PACKAGES are also available. They include Soccer Genius  measurements (with sensor and radar technology), games, soccer-related drills & competitions and more. CLICK HERE to learn more in details


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