Event space for parties, fund-raisers, and corporate outings; Classrooms for Home Scholars and After school studies. All facilities will be specially built for Adaptive sports. Sports and Activities will be year round 24/7, weather protected and efficiently lit.


The Atlanta ContactPoint is working to secure an incredible property in the heart of Atlanta. Historic Pullman Train Yard is over 25 acres and has 100,000 sq ft of historic buildings. We will utilize the historic buildings and land for but not limited to:

Soccer, Football, Lacrosse, Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Hockey, Ultimate, Track, Pool, Basketball, Volleyball, Skate Park, Golf, Toddler Area with Riding Toys and Balls; Playground, and Multi-purpose fields for other sports. 

We will also have a Café utilizing food from our greenhouse garden and local farmers; Retailspace for sporting goods; Medical Space for health monitoring and physical therapy; Rentals for all sports; Storage for all your gear; Event space for parties, fund-raisers, and corporate outings;Classrooms for Home Scholars and After school studies.

All facilities will be specially built for Adaptive sports.

The historic buildings will be preserved and refit with a wide variety of activities, classrooms, offices, theatre arts, retail, storage, locker rooms, small games, and multi-use kid, adult play structures. The buildings will be refitted with energy conservation systems for solar, water, lighting, and airflow technologies.

Pullman Yard is located within easy access to MARTA and PATH trails; both extensions off the Beltline trails. The site will allow residents of Atlanta to access the sports and health complex by means of alternative transportation. One of the biggest programs, the After school program will have bus service from the local schools, saving parents time and energy.


Help us create ContactPoint at Pullman Yard / Sports, Fitness & Nutrition for Body, MInd, and Soul!



      Pullman Yards


One of the site’s old buildings.

Historic Atlanta Facility


Historic Pulman Yards


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