Sports Birthday Parties


A PLAY DAY Sports Birthday party 

is all about sports and fitness!  We provide coaches and equipment for 90 minutes of fun and exercise. A ContactPoint sports birthday party is your own PLAY DAY. Pick 3 sports/activities to play in the Dragon Goal or the Gaga Pit. Our coaches will facilitate the games, as well as allow for free play. We will provide the equipment for a wide array of sports and activities. Soccer, gaga, dodgeball, basketball, hockey, wiffleball, tug-of-war, relay races, dance, obstacle courses, hula hoop making, even self defense classes….90 minutes of PLAY and 30 minutes for celebration.  We can even have a fun dance party for your young teen with DJ on site!

$350 for 2 hour party; coaches; equipment, sound system, lounge and game room. $300 90 minutes, no food

Healthy Food/drink option: Local farmers prepare and serve real, raw food the kids will LOVE.  They will see how easy and yummy real food is, and learn to appreciate the benefits of fruits and veggies! Cost is $10/person


are also available for add’l cost: they include Soccer Genius  measurements (with sensor and radar technology), mini-tournaments, soccer-related drills & competitions, staged photos, take away and more. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Gaga Party

is available with our very own Gaga pit.  Gaga is like dodgeball but different.  Played in a pit, the ball stays low to ground and your try to dodge the ball and hit others. CLICK HERE for news clip.

$350 for 2 hour party; coaches; equipment, sound system, lounge and game room.  $300 90 minutes, no food

My son and his bud­dies said it was the best birth­day party they have ever been to” — Andrew Smith

Atlanta ContactPoint provides a fun, active, in-town option for your child’s sports birthday party. The coaches are awesome, and access to the gym means you don’t have to worry about the weather. It’s a great deal for kids of all ages!” – Connette Blake

David – It was such a great party.  Thanks so much for making it easy, turn-key and totally fun. Everyone had a blast.” Kim Gnatt

Just want­ed to say thank you so much for Sat­ur­day!  Every­one had such a great time and all the coach­es were amaz­ing. I appre­ci­at­ed the flex­i­bil­i­ty to make sure the tim­ing of Freddie’s the Falcon’s entrance worked and it real­ly end­ed up per­fect­ly. Thank you!!” — Lori Mur­phy

We had a blast at my son’s birth­day yes­ter­day at Atlanta Con­tact Point. Coach­es Cae­sar and Ian were won­der­ful with the kids instruct­ing them clear­ly and mon­i­tor­ing though dif­fer­ent sports games. Thank you so much!” Kate Elkins

The kids all had a blast! Ceasar and Cole kept most of them run­ning the entire time! Except for when they all actu­al­ly sat still to eat lunch, which we all agreed nev­er hap­pens at home.
As Davis was eat­ing his cake he looked around and said “this is the best birth­day ever!!!”
Thank you so much!  You’ve got a great pro­gram and a won­der­ful team!
Heather Stew­art

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In The Park

PLAY DAY at the park is 90 min­utes of sports and activ­i­ties.  We bring all the sports equip­ment and pro­vide the coach/es for the par­ty.

  • Price for the PLAY DAY in the park starts at $200.
  • Addi­tion­al charge for reser­va­tion of park ($75-$100); option­al
  • Addi­tion­al charge for more than 20 kids; $100 for up to 30 kids; $200 for up to 40 kids.

Corporate Events

Want a unique party/event for your com­pany?  We offer our PLAY DAY Expe­ri­ence of sports, fit­ness, and arts!  We can come to a des­ti­na­tion of your choos­ing like a local park.

Choose from a wide range of sports and activ­i­ties like scav­enger hunts, kick­ball, dodge­ball, soc­cer, ten­nis, flag foot­ball, bas­ket­ball, tug-of-war, vol­ley­ball, zum­ba, strength train­ing, walking/running tours, expres­sive arts, and more!


Are you look­ing for a fun way to engage the kids at your fes­ti­val?  Allow the PLAY DAY team to pro­vide tons of fun and phys­i­cal fit­ness at your event.  Our coach­es bring equip­ment and “know how” for a fun filled day of activ­i­ties.

Choose from tug-of-war, jug­gling, face paint­ing, hula hoops, soc­cer, flag foot­ball, ulti­mate, kick­ball dodge­ball, and more!

Con­tact us for more info and pric­ing!

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