Atlanta ContactPoint wants to connect all the local coaches and organizations providing sports, fitness, and activities for the intown community of Atlanta.  Just move your arrow over the sports icon above to find the various sports and activities we are promoting.  If you would like to add an organization to the list…Please contact us and let us know.

We feel the intown community is in need of more space and fields.  It is our goal to bring together the sport and fitness community in order to secure land and buildings for year round indoor and outdoor use.  Help us build multi purpose turf fields, courts, and rinks intown!

Help us pro­vide facil­i­ties for a wide vari­ety of sports.  Soc­cer, Lacrosse, Bas­ket­ball, Foot­ball, Base­ball, Soft­ball, Vol­ley­ball, Ten­nis, Golf, Ulti­mate, Hockey, Rugby, Bik­ing, Run­ning, Swim­ming, Table Ten­nis, Kick­ball, and more!

One of the properties we are looking to develop is The Con­tact­Point at Pull­man Yard.  This will be a safe space to learn, play, and enjoy many sports and activ­i­ties.

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