Team Building

Because of this unique facility’s layout and our philosophical approach for comprehensive youth development, the ContactPoint Horizons is an ideal location to produce a variety of programs aimed to develop and strengthen teammate interactions, relationships and collaborations. This will translate to a more intentional and committed  approach to any all game dynamics and collective life experience overall.


  • Soccer Team Retreat (pre-tournament, pre-season, pre-game, etc)
  • Athletic Team Retreat
  • Corporate Team Retreat

Rental Package Prices:

  • 4hr package               $   500
  • 6hr package               $   700
  • 8hr package               $   850


  • WiFi connection
  • Audio system with bluetooth music receiver and wireless mic
  • Large LED screens around the main room
  • Access to the fully equipped learning center room
  • Cleaning

FOOD POLICY: we can provide food/drink/cake for additional cost or you are welcome to bring your own.

Upon request, our team building experts can create customized retreats, workshops, and experiences to meet your needs.  Workshops can be designed for sports teams, groups of co-workers, managers, community members, students, and more. Please inquire further to learn how they can make the difference for your group and your goals.

  • Do you want to enhance trust & cooperation?
  • Reset agendas?
  • Connect with core values?
  • Build up your core strengths?
  • Boost the creative juices?
  • Or just have out-of-the-box FUN together?

Workshop FAQs

Q:  How are workshops structured?

A:  Workshops begin with fun ice-breakers.  Then we use small group activities and dynamic creation to stir things up.  All the rest depends on who you are and what your goals are!  Here are some of the themes and explorations that we can build into your experience:

v  team building & building trust v  who are we?
v  breaking down barriers v  who do we want to be?
v  having FUN v  where are we strong?
v  respect & appreciation v  where are we stuck?
v  leading & following v  what are our goals & dreams?

Q:  What techniques are used?

A:  Depends on age, and what you want to try out!  Activities & methods are all hands-on.  And usually while we are moving, on our feet!  Tools that we use include:  ice-breakers, movement games, word play, discussion, and interactive group exercises.  All of it is fun, high-energy, dynamic, intensive and participatory!

Q:  How long are workshops?

A:  Workshops are 2 hours.  We can also create weekend intensives or a series of sessions.

 Q:  Who runs the workshops?

A:  Workshops are facilitated by Ken Hornbeck and Debra Vidali.  Ken Hornbeck brings over 30 years of experience as a teacher and practitioner in applied theater and community conflict resolution.  He has worked throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the US.  Youth and young adult empowerment is his primary focus.  Dr.Debra Vidali brings over 25 years of experience as an anthropologist and educator.  Since 2009 she has been using ethnography and physical theater techniques to activate well-being, civic engagement and community dialogues.  Both Vidali and Hornbeck are faculty members at Emory University.  Their projects include:  Being Real:  A Vision of Community; Re-Generation; Slices of Time; and In & Out of Balance.

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