This is the old style way to play soccer in the piazza, on the street ! Just show up and we will get you in and rotate teams every 5/6 minutes.. Come alone or bring friends … PLAY SOCCER BE HAPPY!

NOTE: this weekly program will be delivered on Friday, starting Friday August 11th, 2017.

We cre­at­ed 2 age-appro­pri­ate groups of play­ers:

  • 7 to 10 yrs old  (Fri­days 2.30 to 5pm)

Our coach­es will super­vise the activ­i­ties, pair play­ers and cre­ate a com­pet­i­tive fun envi­ron­ment for every­one.

Price is $8/player/session and is includ­ed in a mem­ber­ship-based pack­age (more info soon).

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