Grant Park


Grant Park refers to the old­est city park in AtlantaGeor­giaUnit­ed States, as well as the Vic­to­ri­an neigh­bor­hood sur­round­ing it.  Grant Park is the fourth-largest in the city, behind Chas­tain ParkFree­dom Park and Pied­mont Park. Grant Park has two major attrac­tions besides the park itself: Zoo Atlanta, estab­lished in 1889 and orig­i­nal­ly known as the Grant Park Zoo; and the Atlanta Cyclo­rama, a cyclo­rama fea­tur­ing the 1864 Bat­tle of Atlanta from the Amer­i­can Civ­il War. The park serves over two mil­lion vis­i­tors per year.

We have teamed up with the Rec Cen­ter and The Farm­ers Mar­ket for a fun filled day of sports, fit­ness, and health!  Sun­day, May 12th from 10:00–4:00

Spe­cial Moth­ers Day Activ­i­ties:  Ten­nis, Bas­ket­ball, and Vol­ley­ball, and Cross­fit

Mas­sage, Acupunc­ture and Yoga (12:00 and 2:00 class­es) pro­vid­ed by Cafe of Life!

Fit­ness Class:  11:00 Cross­fit 12:00 KTX Fit­ness    1:00 Feel The Burn

Strength Coach­ing USAW Lev­el 111 Coach

Spe­cial Raf­fles for local restau­rants and Children’s Muse­um!

We will play street/roller hock­ey, ten­nis, bas­ket­ball, dodge­ball, flag foot­ball, vol­ley­ball, disc golf, ulti­mate, Cross­fit, table ten­nis, weight lift­ing, and more!  We will have raf­fles for local restau­rants and enter­tain­ment.

Time Out­door Bas­ket­ball Court Ten­nis Courts Green Space 1 Green Space2
10:00am Hock­ey Ten­nis  Cross­fit 11:00
11:00am Hock­ey Ten­nis Ulti­mate Kick­ball
12:00pm Hock­ey Ten­nis Ulti­mate Kick­ball
1:00pm Skat­ing Uni­cy­cles Rug­by Flag Foot­ball
2:00pm Skat­ing Uni­cy­cles Rug­by Flag Foot­ball
3:00pm Skat­ing Uni­cy­cles Kick­ball Kick­ball


Time Dance Stu­dio Rec Cen­ter Gym Rec Cen­ter  Around the Park
10:00am Vol­ley­ball Table Ten­nis Cir­cus Arts
  Disc golf
11:30am Yoga 12:00 Dodge­ball Table ten­nis Hula Hoops
1:00pm Yoga 2:00 Bas­ket­ball Table ten­nis Disc Golf
3:00 Open Gyn  Gael­ic Football/Hurling

Who’s Involved

Grant Park Rec Cen­ter- Indoor court, weight room, dance/yoga stu­dio

Atlanta Belt­Line

Atlanta Braves- Base­ball

Atlanta Dream- Wom­ans bas­ket­ball

Gael­ic Atheltics Asso­ci­a­tion- Football/Hurling

Atlanta Hawks- Bas­ket­ball

Atlanta Sport and Social Club- Adult Sport League

Atlanta Swim School- Swim Lessons

Atlanta Youth Rug­by- Youth Rug­by

Body By Jef­frey- Fit­ness

Cafe Of Life- Health

Central Atlanta Junior Table Ten­nis League Inc.

Chickin Feed- Nutri­tion Edu­ca­tion

Children’s Muse­um of Atlanta

Cir­cus Camp- Cir­cus Arts

Chil­drens Health­care of Atlanta/Strong 4 Life- Nutri­tion Edu­ca­tion

Con­tact­Point Hock­ey- Intown Roller Hock­ey

Click a Class- Local Fit­ness Class­es

Con­di­tion Ket­tle­bell- Strength

Cross­fit Down­town- Fit­ness and Strength

Dicks Sport­ing Goods- Sport­ing Goods

Feel the Burn- Fit­ness

Good Moves- Dance

Grant Park Farm­ers Mar­ket- Real Food

Hap­py Mam­ma-Atlanta- Good Food for Babies

Hbandphs Raw Food

The Healthy Nut Truck- Good Food

Jane Black Strength Coach

King of Pops

Ktx Fit­ness- Fit­ness

One For All Uni­cy­cles- Uni­cy­cle train­ing

Park Pride- Improve­ment of Parks

Ron Hunter Bas­ket­ball Camps- Bas­ket­ball

Sharon Lester Ten­nis Cen­ter- Ten­nis

Soc­cer in the Streets- Soc­cer and Edu­ca­tion

Vance Exley Ten­nis

World Cham­pi­on and Hall of Fame Disc Golfer Pat­ti Kun­kle

Yankz- Run­ning goods


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