Martial Arts

Highland Martial Arts

The mission of Highland Martial Arts is to provide quality martial arts instruction along with ethical, professional service in a school dedicated to mental and physical conditioning as well as lifelong fitness and continuous learning.

X3 Sports offers martial arts and sports training for fitness & competition.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, get in shape, learn self-defense, or compete at the next level, X3 Sports will help you get there.

Chien Hong

Kung Fu is one of the oldest fighting arts known to mankind. The date of its origin has been lost to antiquity. There are many meanings for the term Kung Fu (pronounced Gung Fu). The term Kung Fu literally means “hard work and accomplishment.” One can have Kung Fu in a variety of different ways: the playing of a musical instrument, the repairing of an automobile, and the preparation of a difficult dish. In this case it is used in a martial art.





Passo a Frente (PAF) is dedicated to providing quality instruction in the cultural arts of Brazil. Some of these arts include: Batucada, Capoeira, Portuguese, and Samba.  One of the major objectives of the group Passo a Frente is to form friendships and community by demonstrating the richness of Brazilian culture through its music, dance, folklore and the art of fighting with a smile, capoeira.




The Decatur Parks and Recreation Department is a department of the local municipal government operated by a permanent, full-time staff with the assistance of a volunteer citizens advisory board. Board appointments are made by the City Council for a term of five years.

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