Pullman Preserve

Atlanta ContactPoint, in collaboration with Village Habitat Design is developing a sustainable master plan for Atlanta’s Pratt-Pullman Yard: The Pullman Preserve.  Learn how the site can sustain multiple community programs, and how Pullman Preserve is inline with the Kirkwood neighborhood guidelines.

Click HERE for PDF of plans and programs.

Click HERE to see how Pullman Preserve is inline with the KNO guidelines for the site.

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Click HERE to contact us if you are interested in being a developing partner.

Click HERE to donate to our cause; ACP is a 501-C-3 non profit organization.

Pullman Preserve is a for profit and non profit partnership whose mission is to optimize the community and public value of the 26 acre Pratt-Pullman Yard  and transform it from an abandoned industrial site into an active nature preserve, Urban farm, mixed use neighborhood center, artisanal center,  and wellness community center.

This approach will benefit the overall quality of living for Kirkwood and the surrounding neighborhoods.

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