Pullman Yard Showcase Event – Sept. 26th

 Play. Party. Purpose.

Thank you to all of our supporters, partners, and sponsors!  We have a great turnout and activated the yard to show our vision of sports, fitness, arts, and education!  Here is a video from the day!


Saturday, Sept. 26th 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM – Pullman Train Yard, 225 Rogers St. Kirkwood, 30317 free shuttle from Edgewood/CP MARTA station

Dress Code: Sneakers

Sports. Fitness. Dance. Art. FashionWalk, Run, Skate, Ride, Bike to Pullman Yard to enter a raffle for great prizes!

Click here for your free tickets


Pullman Yard is ready to be reborn. Come peep the property.  Get your workout on.  Enjoy the performances.  See cool train Art.  Learn about a dynamic plan to enrich the surrounding communities!

Atlanta ContactPoint, in partnership with the Savvy Foundation, is producing a dynamic event in September to demonstrate its vision for the transformation of Pullman Yard.

Come meet our historic preservation expert; environmental and structural engineers; environmental law firm; reps from MARTA, PATH, and Atlanta BeltLine to highlight the alternative means of transportation platform; energy solution and water conservation experts; train donor; and many more people engaged in creating a gem for the city and state.

Feature Activities include:

  • The Pushup Throwdown by the FitWit Foundation (how many pushups can you do in 90 seconds?)  Get fit and raise money for 2 great organizations! Join the ContactPoint team for pushup entry or donate to ACP Team
  • Rise: An Athletic Fashion Show with a special T. Lang Dance Performance
  • Live music with GuruFish and Eliot Bronson
  • Notch 8 Gallery presents Steel Wheels art exhibit and Pullman Yard Photography by Jeff Hagerman
  • Dance performances by Project SLIDE, Moving in the Spirit, Caló Gitano
  • Circus Art performances by Circus Camp and Circus Arts Institute
  • Interactive Juggling, Hula Hoops, Tight Rope, and Aerial
  • Unicycles
  • Dragon Goal Soccer
  • Stratosphere Skateboarding area and demo
  • Expressive Arts with the Re-Generation Initiative: “Being Real: A Vision for Community”
  • Music education with Savvy Foundation
  • Yoga, Salsa, and Bootcamp demos
  • Double Dutch Aerobics
  • Basketball drills with Southwest Warriors, Silver Lining Sports Academy, and Top of the Key
  • Table tennis
  • Interactive Art with PaintLove
  • Face Painting
  • Spike Ball with Fusion Sports Leagues
  • YOU CAN FLY ATLANTA /F3EXPO   Drone/FPV/UAV education


Historic Building

11:00          Welcome, Q and A’s, Tours
1:00            Eliot Bronson, live music
2:30            Re-Generation Initiative Theatre Arts: Being Real: A Vision for Community”
3:00            Dance Performances; Moving In The Spirit, Project Slide
3:40            Martial Art Demo with Chen Taiji
4:00            Rise: An Athletic Fashion Show with special T.Lang Dance performance
5:30            Gurufish, live music

Sport Shed

11:00          Tough Love Yoga
12:00          Pushup Throwdown, FitWit Foundation
1:00            PlayOut and Free Play
2:00            FitWit Bootcamp
2:30            Circus Art Performances with Circus Camp and Circus Arts Institute
3:00            Interactive Dance with A Popular Dance
3:20            Double Dutch Aerobics
3:40            Circus Art Performances
4:00            Free Play
4:45            Interactive Dance with A Popular Dance
5:00            Salsa

5:30            Free Play

***Stratosphere Skateboard and Co-Camp unicycle area 

*** Free Play includes Dragon Goal, Table Tennis, Spike Ball, Basketball Hoop, Face Painting, Interactive Art, Juggling, Aerial, Hula Hoops, Tight Rope, and more.

A new day is dawning at Pullman Yard. Come join us as we plant the seed! This is a family friendly event!

Partners include:

  • Savvy Foundation
  • Elk Events
  • Dante Stephensen
  • FitWit Foundation
  • Kilpatrick Townsend
  • Freespace Architecture
  • Atlanta Regional Commission
  • Energy Conservation Solutions
  • Ecovie
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Sports Dekalb
  • Decide Dekalb Development Authority
  • Resolute Environmental
  • Frank Burdette
  • Atlanta BeltLine Partnership
  • Re-Generation Initiative
  • Steel Wheel
  • Notch 8
  • Dragon Goal
  • Sons of Pitches
  • Coordination Camp
  • Chen Taiji
  • Circus Camp
  • Circus Arts Institute
  • Soccer in the Streets
  • Dekalb Aquatics
  • ProGrass
  • Youth VIBE
  • Stratopshere
  • Atlanta RollerGirls
  • Atlanta Junior Roller Derby League
  • Silver Lining Sports Academy
  • Project SLIDE
  • T. Lang Dance
  • CrossFit Kids and Teen Camp
  • Moving in the Spirit
  • Atlanta Youth Rugby
  • SalsAtlanta
  • Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
  • Southwest Warriors Basketball
  • Double Dutch Aerobics
  • Young At Heart Wellness
  • Woman’s Martial Law
  • Top of the Key
  • Soulshine
  • King of Pops
  • Whiteford Inc.
  • Chuice
  • Lee and Darlene, Your Intown Neighborhood Realtors
  • Jennifer Chanler and Co.
  • Mountain High Outfitters
  • Petite Marche
  • Point3 Basketball
  • Woman’s Martial Law
  • Young at Heart Wellness
  • A Popular Dance
  • Fusion Sports Leagues
  • E37 Photography
  • PlayOut
  • Pink Sky Boutique
  • Raging Burrito
  • NMS Dentistry
  • Suja Juice
  • Terminus Legion
  • JoinUp App
  • Caló Gitano Dance Company and Academy
  • Tough Love Yoga
  • Northside Tool Rental
  • D-Smith Creative
  • Paint Love
  • Sam Flax
  • Mean Street Promotions
  • Great Clips Edgewood
  • Fontis Water

RISE: An Athletic Fashion Partners

  • Jennifer Chanler and Co.
  • Mountain High Outfitters
  • Pink Sky Boutique
  • Athleta
  • Podium Multi Sports
  • Point3 Basketball
  • Pur Minerals

Some poetry….

Giant steel beams frame vintage metal sheds.

Sun pours thru broken roofs and shattered panes to spotlight art.

Kelly-green grass sprouts over puzzled rails that once fueled industry. 


For decades she has sat idle… 

her song muffled from neglect, her soul hidden from view. 

A mysterious shell used only for the occasional film backdrop or graffiti canvas.


“What is that place?” They ask driving by on Dekalb.

“I wonder what’s inside”, they say walking by along the path.


Little do they know she is yearning to pull the curtain.

Waiting to be re-purposed. Wishing to be seen. Ready to be reborn. 


And now destiny calls. 

The winds of the Phoenix are aligning to birth new life at Pullman Yard.


On the horizon, a fresh vision ascends. A dynamic plan charts transformation…


Historic preservation. 

Sports and fitness. 

Arts, games and performances. 

Healthy foods and nutrition. 

Fun by design. Collaborative by default. Community hub for play and wellness.


A gem for the city. In Kirkwood’s front yard. 


If you stand just so, at her core  …and look and listen deeply, you can see the grand aesthetics taking shape. You can hear the thrills of tomorrow. 


But today she awaits the opportunity. 


Fences line the property, but they can’t contain its promise.

Grime covers her relics, but it can’t mask her beauty.

Hungry vines grow thru twisted metal and splintered brick proving life undeterred, …foreshadowing triumph. 


And so she will.


A new day is dawning at Pullman Yard. Come join us as we plant the seed!

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